Our history

Alsaflooring is a company with a remarkable history. It was founded back in 1972 by local carpenter Joseph Strub, who was one of the first to understand the potential of mass-produced furniture. Joseph’s original values have been passed on by three of his children and they are still the foundations that form the culture of this French family-run business. Key to these values are three main precepts: thinking hard about how best to invest our resources at every level of the business and focusing on sound management; forming long-lasting, trust-based relations with our customers, suppliers and employees; driving innovation through new ideas and smart machinery to remain competitive and attractive. 


October 2022 saw the start of a new phase in the development of Alsaflooring, the group’s flooring company.


granddaughter of Alsapan’s founder

A family-run business

Our three French flooring facilities are strategically aligned, each with its own specialty. Ongoing cooperation between the sites produces the solidarity and multiple efficiencies which drive the ecosystem, the core of our company, built on the bedrock of our family values.


Alsapan is founded


Creation of ’EPI laminate flooring


The group’s three businesses are brought together under the Alsapan umbrella


The business turns a new page with the creation of Alsaflooring, bringing the group’s flooring business lines together under a single banner.